Laser cutting machine linear guide function and maintenance methods

Date: 2017-08-14

The function of the linear guide of the laser cutting machine is guided and supported. In order to ensure that the machine has a higher processing accuracy, requiring its rails, straight line with a high degree of guidance accuracy and good sport stability. Laser cutting machine guide cleaning, it is recommended to clean once every two months, in the shutdown state of operation, cleaning to prepare dry cotton, lubricants. Engraving machine guide rail is divided into linear guide, roller guide, in the YM series X direction with a linear guide, Y direction with roller guide. Cleaning method: the beam to move to the inside, open the machine on both sides of the end of the cover, find the rails, with a dry cotton cloth on both sides of the guide rail and roller contact place wipe clean, and then move the beam, the remaining clean place. First, move the laser head to the far right (or left), find the linear guide, wipe with a dry cotton to know the bright and clean, plus a little oil (sewing oil can be used, do not use oil), the laser head Slowly push several times, so that even the distribution of lubricants can be.

  There are many advantages of laser cutting machine, which is also an important reason for its rise. Of course, each of the advantages of the laser cutting machine has its own origin. Each of the accessories has an effect on each function. Analysis of the main components, the following is a talk about the linear guide. In the laser cutting machine linear guide this component is quite important, it can directly affect the laser cutting machine precision, laser cutting machine three advantages, which have precision. So it is not difficult to see the importance of this part, why can affect the linear guide? Because the function of the linear guide in the entire laser cutting machine to take the role of guidance and support role, in order to improve the accuracy of laser cutting machine, which requires a smooth linear motion of the linear guide is quite high, the more stable its movement, accuracy can be achieved higher. So the maintenance of the late linear guide also took the key to the decision. Laser cutting machine in the use of cutting materials, although the smoke generated by pumping ninety percent. But can not reach 100%, so over time, long-term use will let the remaining smoke integrated waste, and its long-term backlog will make the laser cutting machine linear guide corrosion, not lubrication, thus affecting the precision laser cutting machine, which Why is the long-term use of laser cutting machine is getting lower and lower accuracy. So the maintenance of linear guide is very important. The above description of the role of the linear guide, the following talk about its maintenance ² understand the linear guide in the laser cutting machine in the importance. So it is maintained in the middle of this is to improve the performance of laser cutting machine, as well as the service life. Straight rails are not lubricated by half of the general method. First power off, pull out the total power of the laser cutting machine, and then press the laser cutting machine to release the static electricity. And then called the technician to remove the linear guide, and then wipe the rails on the backlog of waste residue, and then use a few drops of oil on the linear guide rails above, and then move the linear guide back and forth twice to determine those lubricants to the inside, throughout. Must be more than a few times, we must see the rails throughout the body with lubricants, or did not get in place, maintenance is not perfect, and thus is in vain. After the lubrication is completed in the linear guide installed. And then plug in the power test machine, the entire maintenance process is completed. Late use of the process, maintenance recommended half a month to clean up a long-term maintenance both to enhance the life of the laser cutting machine, but also improve the accuracy of laser cutting machine, played a role in a security, why not The

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