Classification and maintenance of laser power supply

Date: 2017-08-14

Laser power according to the different ways can be divided into continuous laser power and pulse laser power supply 2 kinds.

 Continuous laser power supply Continuous laser power is a high-performance automatic ignition constant current power supply to fixed frequency widening the way to achieve high-precision constant current output. Output current ripple small, high stability. The ignition part adopts the three-stage freewheeling method of the series high-pressure package arc, the LC high-voltage relay and the low-voltage constant current to connect the arc current to cooperate with the ignition monitoring circuit to realize the automatic ignition and make the ignition success rate as high as 99%. High-voltage pulse waveforms rise and fall, the intensity can be adjusted to meet the different krypton lamp breakdown voltage dispersion, but also can reduce the electrode material sputtering, reducing the high pressure trigger on the krypton lamp life of the adverse effects.

  Pulsed Laser Power Pulsed Laser Power Supplies are specifically designed for pulsed Nd: YAG lasers. Using switching power supply, the internal control by the microcontroller, is the real CNC power supply. The laser pulse waveform and parameters are programmed by the keyboard through the keyboard to match the parameters such as laser output power, All metal welding needs, is the ideal configuration of multi-function laser welding machine, with misuse and over-temperature automatic protection function and other functions. CO2 laser power supply maintenance methods 1, high pressure ignition, high voltage wire joints are too close to the iron part. 2, no light, the fan does not turn. The fuse is broken. 3, can be forced to light, not the motherboard control light. The pre-level low-pressure control is partially bad. 4, the current can not be adjusted, the current control part of the bad. 5, always burn the fuse, belonging to the power tube short circuit bad. Laser power supply maintenance methods are the following: 1, replace the key component method. Generally do not light, you can put the big tube 460 or 450, and then consider the high pressure package. 2, the voltage detection method. 3, power observation method. CO2 laser power does not light the maintenance skills: 1, the first power to observe the laser power supply failure situation. 2, first determine whether the cooling fan is turning: If the fan is turned, it means that part of the high voltage circuit failure; the other hand, the fan does not turn, it means that the control part of the line failure. 3, the fan turn, check the 220V power supply through the rectifier output after the voltage, and then check the power amplifier tube is burned, the power amplifier voltage is normal when the 400-600V DC pulse, such as normal, you can determine the high pressure package Failing or changing. 4, the fan does not turn, check the bridge rectifier voltage regulator is normal, and then check the voltage after the transformer is normal, usually easy to control the chip failure.


Laser power supply maintenance knowledge

1. Before servicing, check whether the power supply housing is properly grounded. 2. Measure the voltage difference between the power supply case and the console or the workbench. 3. The power plug can not be plugged in (the old power supply or main control box May be the same as the flight, its function is not the same, insert the wrong plug may cause the internal control board burned or internal device explosion); 4. box with multiple high voltage, after power, the hand can not come (Such as multimeter, oscilloscope, etc.) measuring pen, tools (such as cutting pliers, etc.) should check whether the insulation is intact; 6. In the measurement of voltage, to confirm whether the gear in the voltage file. To confirm the instrument range should be greater than the test point of the voltage; 7. Before power on, should check whether the load connected or polarity is correct; 8. Replace the power box before the device, turn off the power should be stored Capacitor positive and negative discharge (using 100Ω50W power resistor) and with voltage file to confirm no voltage, the next step to replace or repair. 9. When replacing the device in the power box or main control box, make a mark for proper wiring when replaced. In particular, there are polar devices or high current high-power devices in particular to note this. (Such as rectifier bridge, IGBT tube, power input and output part, power device), power supply, Input and output, etc.); 11. For the work of the machine is unstable or good and bad when working, you can check the main circuit of the box screws, terminals and so loose (in the transport may occur), terminal oxidation, Old power or the use of poor environmental power should pay attention to whether the internal accumulation of a lot of dust (available wind gun blown); such as the box has a lot of oil and the use of a long period of time, can not be repaired should be disposed of. 12. In the maintenance, for customers to repair the power supply, can not privately remove the internal cable, control panel, cut off the wiring or chaos around the chaos, may cause damage to the whole machine or performance degradation, such as when returned, Old power supply due to the specification of the problem, many do not have wiring diagram, may bring great difficulty to the maintenance, serious will cause scrapped, will give customers or the company's reputation by a certain impact (Han products are committed to life-long maintenance). 13. old-fashioned power supply, in the field can not be repaired, need to return to the head office, the upper and lower boxes of the cable should be returned together in order to more comprehensive testing and maintenance. 14. Return the power supply or the main control board should do the surface shock protection, to prevent panel scratches, deformation or device off, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to the company, to the maintenance work will bring some trouble. 15. The returned power supply or main control board should be labeled with a detailed breakdown of the power supply site, office name, etc., to facilitate the analysis and maintenance of the maintenance technician, and sometimes the test on the whole machine and the individual test failure are inconsistent. Our maintenance staff will be based on the label to do the relevant maintenance records, do laser power maintenance tracking, improve maintenance rate. 16. Old-fashioned semiconductor control box or power box, in the maintenance of a block to confirm the failure, the scene can not be repaired, the entire power supply or the main control box should be returned. (Product upgrades, for more than two years old version, in the production line can not be scattered on the control panel or the main control board for testing) 17. has repeatedly repaired to the customer that can not be used, should be checked in the field machine Wiring and other vulnerable parts. Check the cause of the fault. And do a good job on-site inspection records random return.

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