The Definition of Semiconductor Lasers and Its Application in Military

Date: 2017-08-14

Semiconductor lasers are semiconductors as a working material of the laser, due to differences in material structure, different types of laser specific process is rather special. Commonly used working materials are gallium arsenide (GaAs), cadmium sulfide (CdS), indium phosphide (InP), zinc sulfide (ZnS) and so on. There are three kinds of incentive modes: electric injection, electron beam excitation and optical pumping. Semiconductor laser devices can be divided into homogeneous junctions, single heterojunctions, double heterojunctions and so on. Homogeneous junction lasers and single heterojunction lasers are mostly pulsed at room temperature, while double heterojunction lasers can be operated continuously at room temperature.

     Because semiconductor lasers have the advantages of simple structure, small volume, long life, easy modulation and low cost, it is widely used in military fields such as laser guidance tracking, laser radar, laser fuze, laser ranging, laser communication power, laser simulation weapon , Laser aiming alarm, laser communication and laser gyro. Semiconductor laser fuze is an optical fuze, which is a technical category of active proximity fuze. Laser fuze through the laser to detect the target, the laser echo information processing and calculation, to determine the target, calculate the blast point, in the best place timely detonation. Once the bomb has failed to capture or lose the target and the fuse fails, the self-brewed body can detonate the projectile. Semiconductor laser fuze is the most successful application of laser detection technology in weapon systems. Laser Guidance It allows missiles to fly in a laser beam until the target is destroyed. Semiconductor laser guidance has been used for ground-to-air missiles, air-to-air missiles, ground-to-ground missiles. Laser guidance tracking in the military has a very wide range of applications. Laser ranging is mainly used for anti-tank weapons and aviation, aerospace and other fields. The rangefinder uses a semiconductor laser as a light source with concealment, a slight improvement, and a distance between vehicles and a digital display that alerts when the safety factor is below the required safety factor. Semiconductor laser night vision and laser night vision monitor are also important applications. The use of semiconductor laser array active night vision device light source concealed, high array of high power characteristics, can improve the monitoring distance to 1 km, such as coupled with the scanning and image display device, you can become a laser night vision monitor. With its target monitoring, the objectives of the activities can be timely through the cable to the command post. Choose a longer suitable wavelength, can be an all-weather monitor. LIDAR Compared with CO2 laser radar, semiconductor laser array of laser radar small size, simple structure, short wavelength, high precision, with a variety of imaging functions and real-time image processing functions, including a variety of imaging integration, image tracking and Automatic identification of the target. Can be used to monitor the target, measuring atmospheric water vapor, clouds, air pollution; can also be used as air crash radar, airborne shear wind detection coherent light radar, accurate positioning of incoming targets and helicopters and cruise missiles Tracking and so on. Laser simulation  laser simulation is mainly based on semiconductor laser developed a new military training and exercise technology. By adjusting the laser beam, period and range to achieve the purpose of simulating any weapon characteristics. Weapon simulation mainly uses 904 nm semiconductor lasers, with eye-safe lasers as the basis for tactical training systems, initially called the Laser Engagement System (LES).  semiconductor laser is an ideal light source, with anti-interference, good confidentiality and so on. Semiconductor laser communication  semiconductor lasers in satellite communications technology requires only a small telescope and lower transmit power, can achieve the free space transmission of light and get a very high data rate transmission. Laser communication technology can be used for mutual communication between orbiting satellites and satellite and ground station communication.

      Above is some of the applications of semiconductor lasers. Wuhan Chang new laser technology specializing in the production of cutting machine, marking machine, engraving machine and other mechanical processing equipment, a variety of equipment also applied to the semiconductor laser

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