Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine and its precautions

Date: 2017-08-14

Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine using a fiber laser generator as a light source.

      Fiber laser is a new international development of a new type of fiber laser output high energy density of the laser beam, and gathered in the workpiece surface, so that the workpiece is ultra-fine focus spot irradiation area instantly melting and gasification, through the CNC mechanical system to move the spot The position is cut to achieve automatic cutting. Compared with the large volume of gas lasers and solid-state lasers, it has become an important candidate in the field of high-precision laser processing, laser radar system, space technology, laser medicine and so on.

      Fiber laser cutting machine it can do the plane cutting, but also do bevel cutting processing, and the edge of neat, smooth, suitable for metal plate and other high-precision cutting processing, while the arm can be three-dimensional cutting instead of the original import of five Axis laser. Compared to ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machine to save space and gas consumption, photoelectric conversion rate is high, energy saving and environmental protection of new products, is one of the world's leading technology products.


The main advantages of fiber cutting

      In carbon dioxide laser cutting technology, carbon dioxide gas is a medium that produces a laser beam. However, fiber lasers are transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables. The fiber laser system generates a laser beam through a plurality of diodes and then transmits it to the laser cutting head through a flexible fiber optic cable rather than through a mirror. This has a lot of advantages, first of all cutting the bed size. Gas laser technology in the mirror must be set in a certain distance, and its different, fiber laser technology without scope restrictions. And even the fiber laser can be installed in the plasma cutting bed next to the plasma cutting head, carbon dioxide laser cutting technology no such option. Likewise, when compared to the same power gas cutting system, the system is more compact due to the ability of the fiber to bend.

      The most important and meaningful advantage of fiber cutting technology should be its energy efficiency. With fiber optic laser complete solid-state digital modules, a single design, fiber laser cutting system has higher than the CO2 laser cutting electro-optical conversion efficiency. For the individual power supply units of the CO2 cutting system, the actual general utilization is about 8% to 10%. For fiber laser cutting systems, the user can expect a higher power efficiency of about 25% to 30%. In other words, the fiber cutting system consumes about 3 to 5 times less energy than the CO2 cutting system, making the energy efficiency greater than 86%.

      The fiber laser has a short wavelength characteristic, thereby increasing the absorptivity of the cutting material to the light beam, and enabling cutting of brass and copper as well as non-conductive materials. A more concentrated beam produces lesser focus and deeper depth of focus, so that fiber lasers can quickly cut thin materials and more effectively cut medium thickness materials. The cutting speed of the 1.5kW fiber laser cutting system is equivalent to the cutting speed of the 3kW carbon dioxide laser cutting system when cutting to 6mm thick material. Since the operating cost of fiber cutting is lower than the cost of ordinary carbon dioxide cutting system, it can be understood that the output is increased and the commercial cost is reduced.

Note the use of fiber laser cutting

  Some important things to consider when using fiber laser cutting. The first is eye protection. Fiber optic light emitted by the optical fiber system is harmful to the eyes, so it is necessary to take eye protection measures. As the technology appeared in less than five years, it was strongly recommended that comprehensive training on appropriate system operation and safety should be conducted. Many operators do not have the experience of cutting the fiber laser cutting, so the initial training of the fiber cutting system should be done to compensate for the lack of experience.

   Another thing to note is the material to be cut. Although fiber laser cutting is good at cutting most of the material, it can not be used to cut acrylic or polycarbonate materials, and can only cut wood or fibrous materials in limited applications. At the same time, to determine when to use fiber laser cutting, the thickness of the material to cut is a very important factor. Thicker materials require greater power cutting, and in these cases, laser cutting may not be a good choice. At this point you can just use the fiber laser installed in the plasma cutting head next to the function. In the fast, easy to switch to plasma cutting, the operator can use fiber laser cutting requirements of the thinner thin materials.

     Above is the fiber laser cutting machine some of the relevant knowledge.

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