Common problems of carbon dioxide laser tube

Date: 2017-08-14

1, low power or low speed

A, check the work of the current exceeds the allowable current of more than 10%, and for a long time this state will work down the power quickly. Check whether the matching power supply for the same specifications, the city network voltage is normal.

B, check the water cooling system is normal, water cooling system mainly includes water cooling temperature, water flow and cooling water quality. Whether in accordance with the principle of low into the high water. Water temperature work should not exceed 30 ℃, water flow is greater than 4L / min (according to different specifications flow parameters also increased), cooling water to be frequently replaced, water to keep clean.

C, check whether the output lens, reflective lens or focus lens is contaminated. Optical path adjustment is correct. Dimming is easy to pollute the lens, with 99.7% of the anhydrous alcohol can be wiped.

D, check the discharge color is normal, such as the emergence of blue or violet color or white color is not normal.

2, spot mode is not good or change

A, check whether the water cooling system is normal.

B, the working current is too large.

C, whether the installation direction is the same as the upward direction of the cathode end wall.

D, check the laser tube support position is correct, the general choice in the laser tube at around 1/4 or so.

E, check whether the lens is contaminated or foreign body block.

F, check the discharge color is normal, there will be a leak situation mode will change.

3, laser tube without light

A, power control line and positive and negative connection is correct.

B, check the discharge color is normal, or whether there is no glow discharge line. If the appearance of no damage, discharge color bluish or partial purple that leak, if no glow discharge line high-pressure side of the point when the high-pressure discharge sound that leak.

C, such as glow discharge line appears pale, the output no output, indicating the decomposition of the working gas.

D, high-voltage side of the point when there is a bright white point or flash discharge occurs when the wave-like discharge line can be judged to belong to high-pressure breakdown, check the water is normal, the work voltage is high, matching power supply with the corresponding specifications power supply.

E, whether the laser tube into the water, check the inner tube is damaged.

4, laser tube burst, broken

A, there is a circular arc smooth burst, generally appear in the glass connection near ten centimeters, this phenomenon is generally due to stress caused by the cause.

B, the emergence of sawtooth wave type burst, generally appear in the cathode around the electrode, broken serious, and a lot of debris. This phenomenon is due to water damage caused by damage.

C, the electrode terminal or water-cooled box is damaged, the electrode terminal or water-cooled box are treated by high temperature, if not subject to external force is generally not damaged, water-cooled box or electrode column is not a fundamental damage and the tube lens is not pollution can be repaired.

5, carving effect is not good

A, check the laser tube and the power of the match, such as the emergence of tail or delay phenomenon, shading unevenly caused by poor match.

B, connecting or cutting the metal wire connected to the metal water-cooled box.

C, check whether the power supply is the corresponding type.

D, check the car ahead of the light set the parameters are correct.

6, cutting effect is not good

A, check whether the water cooling system is normal.

B, adjust the focus lens focal length is normal.

C, adjust the amount of blow has reached the appropriate range.

D, replace the software comes with images (round, square) to cut to determine whether the design pattern.

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