The impact of laser marking machine on the plastics industry

Date: 2017-08-14

With the development of science and technology, plastic products are no longer just roadside stalls on the barrels, baskets, pots, bowls, but widely used in automotive, electronics, medical equipment and even aerospace such high-tech, sophisticated, cutting-edge areas The To be applied to these areas, in addition to the plastic material itself must meet the requirements, but also to solve the problem of processing.

Resin and additives: Almost all of the commercial resin can be processed by laser marking technology, while a small part of the resin need to add additives and then processed. The laser prints signs on plastic products through four different physical or chemical processes: discoloration, foaming, etching, and discoloration. Discoloration is due to the laser beam in the plastic surface to produce local high temperature, and then cause chemical reactions arising. The foaming is due to the change in the physical structure of the polymer molecule, which gives the illuminated surface a light color. The etching is obtained by melting and re-solidifying the surface of the resin, and the appearance of the irradiated portion is different from the surrounding non-irradiated portion. The discoloration is caused by the etching and partial carbonation of the high-intensity laser irradiation of the plastic surface.

The use of laser technology may be in the bottom of the floor to get a light logo, it may be in the shallow bottom to get a dark mark, depending on the use of raw materials and additives. Among the most commonly used additives in laser marking technology are: metal oxide coated mica, clay, talc and antimony, copper and other metal salts. At present, companies such as Clariant, Engelhard, Merck, Ticona, PolyOne and Bayer are able to provide additives, pigments and resins for laser marking technology, and many suppliers can provide specific resins for customers with additives for laser marking , Pigments and colorants. The most commonly used laser marking technology can be white, black and a variety of different gradient gray. But the latest technology can be colored on the background to get dark or light logo. These identities can be rendered in white, black or background colors of various gradients.

Plastic in the welding, cutting, carving, drilling and other processes how to achieve precision, clean, fast and efficient, has become a plastic processing industry to solve the problem.

The traditional mechanical processing, the drill and other machinery directly on the plastic workpiece, easy to deformation of the plastic parts, but also in the processing of the formation of burr, but also need to deal with some of the precision is often less than the requirements, processing speed is relatively slow The Laser technology will be used in plastic processing, to avoid the above drawbacks, greatly accelerate the development of new plastic research and development of the speed, so that the application of plastic into the "high, refined, sharp" areas. Laser is the focus of light through the laser to form a laser beam, the precise energy to a very small area, including the plastic, including a variety of materials such as welding, cutting, carving, marking, drilling and other processing.

Laser processing is a non-contact processing, the workpiece itself without mechanical impact, the workpiece will not be deformed; heat affected area is small, the workpiece is not easy to produce residual thermal stress; laser beam focusing can be switched at any time, and computer programs, Energy and trajectory can be precision control, so as to complete the complex and sophisticated cutting and drilling work; it can also be moving in the process of moving the workpiece, so that automated processing, greatly improving the production speed; the use of laser welding joints fast and durable Clean, weldable difficult to connect modified rubber and glass fiber filled with thermoplastic. Laser marking is through the laser in the plastic parts to form a certain logo, but also to overcome the mechanical marking to change the surface quality of the material and easy to breed bacteria problems, the logo of the high brightness, clear edge.

Plastic medical equipment is often a very small product, such as the diameter of the catheter can only be 0.3 mm, angioplasty, the catheter diameter is between 0.0076 ~ 0.025 mm, so tiny Plastic pipe to be processed, in addition to laser no other way.

Now some plastic molds are also miniaturized, the laser has a non-contact, no wear and accurate positioning characteristics are obviously very suitable for these micro-mold carving production.

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