Understanding CNC Laser Cutting Machine from Different Angle

Date: 2017-08-14

CNC laser cutting machine is a lot of people concerned about the problem, the information on the Internet is also a lot of relevant information. Changxin laser to take this opportunity to focus on understanding of CNC laser cutting machine, I hope you read the article on this information is new understanding.

     CNC laser cutting machine common sense is the knowledge of each machine tool industry should be aware of the CNC laser cutting machine in the cutting process with fast cutting, small slotting and other characteristics, may lead to the actual cutting speed is limited, the seam is too large, cut surface Not equal to the phenomenon, excluding plasma CNC cutting machine mechanical failure and other factors, must be set in the operation of the plasma CNC cutting machine related parameters will also affect the actual cutting effect.

No-load voltage and arc-column voltage

Plasma cutting power supply must have a sufficiently high no-load voltage in order to easily arc and cause the plasma arc to stabilize combustion. No-load voltage is generally 120-600V, while the arc column voltage is generally half of the no-load voltage. Increasing the arc column voltage significantly increases the power of the plasma arc, thereby increasing the cutting speed and cutting a larger thickness of the metal sheet. The arc column voltage is often achieved by adjusting the gas flow rate and increasing the internal shrinkage of the electrode, but the arc column voltage can not exceed 65% of the no-load voltage, otherwise the plasma arc will be unstable.

Cutting current

Increasing the cutting current also increases the power of the plasma arc, but it is limited by the maximum allowable current, otherwise the plasma arc column becomes thicker and the slot width increases and the electrode life is reduced.

Gas flow

Increase the gas flow can improve the arc column voltage, but also enhance the compression of the arc column leaving the plasma arc energy is more concentrated, more powerful spray, which can improve the cutting speed and quality. But the gas flow is too large, but will make the arc column shorter, loss of heat increased, so that cutting capacity weakened until the cutting process can not be normal.

Electrode shrinkage

The so-called internal shrinkage refers to the distance from the electrode to the tip of the tip, the appropriate distance can make the arc in the cut mouth to get a good compression, access to energy concentration, high temperature plasma arc and effective cutting. The distance is too large or too small, the electrode will burn seriously, cut mouth burned and cut capacity decreased. Internal shrinkage generally take 8-11mm.

Cut mouth height

The tip height refers to the distance from the cutting tip to the surface of the workpiece. The distance is generally 4 ~ 10mm. It is the same as the electrode shrinkage, the distance should be appropriate to give full play to the plasma arc cutting efficiency, otherwise it will cut the cutting efficiency and cutting quality or cut the mouth burned.

Cutting speed

The above factors directly affect the plasma arc compression effect, which is the impact of plasma arc temperature and energy density, and plasma arc of high temperature, high energy determines the cutting speed, so the above factors are related to the cutting speed. In ensuring the quality of cutting under the premise, should be as much as possible to improve the cutting speed. This not only improves productivity, but also reduces the amount of deformation of the part to be cut and the heat affected area of the cut zone. If the cutting speed is not appropriate, the opposite effect, and will increase the sticky slag, cutting quality.

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