Laser cutting of different materials need to pay attention to the analysis of matters

Date: 2017-08-14

Laser cutting different materials need to pay attention to the analysis:


With the use of laser cutting more and more widely used, the application of materials are more and more. But different materials have different characteristics, so the use of laser cutting need to pay attention to the matter is also different, the following laser cutting the use of the main material for a brief analysis:

Structural steel

The material laser cutting with oxygen cutting will get better results. When oxygen is used as the process gas, the cutting edge will be slightly oxidized. For plates with a thickness of 4 mm, high pressure cutting can be performed with nitrogen as a process gas. In this case, the cutting edge will not be oxidized. Thickness of more than 10mm in the plate, the use of special laser plate and the workpiece in the processing of oil to the surface can get better results.

stainless steel

Cutting stainless steel requires: laser cutting using oxygen, in the case of edge oxidation does not matter; the use of nitrogen to get no oxidation of the edge of the burr, do not need to deal with the. The oil film on the surface of the sheet will get a better perforation effect, without reducing the quality of processing.


Despite the high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, the thickness of 6mm below the aluminum can be cut, depending on the alloy type and laser capacity. When cutting with oxygen, the cutting surface is rough and hard. With nitrogen, the cutting surface is smooth. Pure aluminum because of its high purity is very difficult to cut, only in the system installed "reflective absorption" device when the cutting aluminum. Otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical components.


The titanium plate is cut with argon and nitrogen as a process gas. Other parameters can refer to nickel chrome steel.

Copper and brass

Both materials have high reflectivity and very good thermal conductivity. Laser cutting thickness of 1mm below the brass can be cut with nitrogen; thickness of 2mm below the copper can be cut, the processing of gas must use oxygen. Copper and brass can only be cut when a "reflective absorption" device is installed on the system. Otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical components.

Synthetic materials

Cut the synthetic material in mind the risk of cutting and the possible discharge of hazardous substances. Laser cutting Machinable synthetic materials are: thermoplastics, thermosetting materials and elastomers.

Organic matter

Laser cutting in all organic cutting there is the risk of fire (with nitrogen as a processing gas, you can also use compressed air as a processing gas). Wood, leather, cardboard and paper can be cut with laser, cutting edges will be charred (brown). More laser cutting machine information, please pay attention to

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