Application of Laser Processing in Leather Textile and Garment Industry

Date: 2017-08-14

Laser processing as a new processing methods, with its processing precision, fast, simple operation, the advantages of high degree of automation in the leather, textile and garment industry has gradually been widely used.

Leather fabric laser marking flower


      Laser technology is currently in the footwear and leather industry in the application is also very wide. The advantage of the laser is that it can be quickly engraved and hollowed out on a variety of leather fabrics, and the operation is flexible, without any deformation of the leather surface to reflect the color and texture of the leather itself. It is more with high precision engraving, hollow without edge, any selection and other advantages, suitable for uppers, shoe materials, leather goods, handbags, luggage, leather and other processing needs of the manufacturer.


     Laser engraving refers to the laser device connected to the laser engraving software, artwork input automatic engraving mode of operation. At present, laser engraving is the most mature technology in the field of laser processing, the most widely used technology. With this technique, any complex graphics can be engraved. Can be hollow engraving and do not penetrate the blind groove carving, which carved out of different shades, different texture, with a sense of layering and transition color effects of a variety of magical patterns. With these advantages, laser engraving to meet the international clothing processing of the new trend.


     Patch embroidery laser cutting


     Computer embroidery process, there are two steps is very important, that is, before the patch embroidery cutting and embroidery cutting after cutting. In the traditional processing technology, embroidery cutting before cutting the mold processing mode is the drawback, easy to produce fabric edge, and the processing accuracy by the knife mold limit, the opposite sex graphics difficult to process, tooling production cycle often, high cost, so Restricting the development of patch embroidery. The embroidery cutting after cutting, most of the use of eagerly processing methods, the way there are trimming gap, the edge of the yellow hair hard, difficult to align and other shortcomings. The opposite sex graphics rely on artificial hand scissors, it is easy to loose side, resulting in waste, so the urgent need for an advanced processing methods to replace these two old processing methods.

   Garment laser embroidery

  More than two-thirds of the textile and apparel fabrics can use laser to produce a variety of digital patterns. The traditional textile fabric production process requires the later grinding, hot flower, embossing and other processing, and laser burning in this area has a convenient production, fast, flexible graphics, image clarity, three-dimensional sense of strong, able to fully display a variety of The texture of the texture of the fabric, as well as the new and other advantages. If combined with hollow technology is the finishing touch, complement each other.

  Clothing fabrics and clothing laser embroidery for: textile fabrics finishing processing plants, fabric deep processing plants, garment factories, surface materials and processing enterprises.

  Cowboy image laser spray

  Through the NC laser irradiation, vaporized denim fabric surface of the dyes, which in a variety of denim fabric will not produce fade image patterns, gradient flower, cat to be frosted and other effects for the cowboy fashion has added a new point.

   Cowboy laser processing is a new, with rich processing profits and market space processing projects, very suitable for denim garment factory, washing plant, processing and other enterprises and individuals for the value of deep processing of cowboy products.

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