Chang Xin new model - first product processing (manufacturing and processing combined)

Date: 2017-08-14

With the ringing of the bell in 2011, Wuhan Chang Xin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. keeps pace with the times and explores and develops new ideas. In professional laser equipment production and application of laser technology development and promotion of the premise, to overcome the difficulties, innovation thought, established in the end of 2010 the Teng Chang Development Co. Ltd., Teng Chang Development Co. Ltd. is the two branch Chang Tech: Wuhan laser equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. relaxation Wuhan Chang Rui photoelectric Co. first by carving (carved), cutting (punch), marking, metal engraving, marking, welding and other professional production and processing of Chinese foreign cooperative enterprises. Teng Chang Development Co., Ltd., specializing in a variety of industries to undertake processing - product processing. The industry covers household products, panels, ornaments, wood, stone, paper, gifts, ceramics, bamboo and wood, clothing, leather, electronic components, hardware, automobiles, smelting, medical care and other fields. For example: acrylic, plexiglass cutting; copperplate engraving; crystal, glass, arts and crafts, laser engraving processing; supply ceramic crafts, laser engraving and so on.

Wuhan Chang Xin Technology Development Co., Ltd. combines laser manufacturing technology and processing technology, created a precedent in the industry, but also brought a new and more brilliant tomorrow. For laser manufacturing technology. The first laser manufacturing technology includes two aspects, one is the manufacture of laser technology, the two is the use of laser as a tool for manufacturing the former provides excellent performance, stable and reliable laser and processing system for the manufacturing industry, which use the former for a variety of processing and manufacturing, to provide a broad application space for the development of laser system. They are an integral part of laser manufacturing technology, can not be neglected. Laser manufacturing technology has many advantages that traditionalmanufacturing technology does not have. It is a green manufacturing technology that conforms to the strategy of sustainable development. For example, less waste of materials, in mass production and low manufacturing cost; the production process according to the programmed control (Automation) in large-scale manufacturing, high production efficiency; can achieve the "cold" process state, to achieve high precision manufacturing technology cannot perform the conventional processing object; of strong adaptability, and is not affected by electromagnetic interference that of manufacturing tools and the requirements of the production environment is low; the noise is low, does not produce any harmful rays and remaining, the production process of environmental pollution and so on.

Therefore, in order to adapt to the industrialization of high and new technology in twenty-first Century and meet the needs of macro and micro manufacturing, it is imperative to research and develop high performance light sources. The currently active development of ultra violet and ultrashort pulse, large power, high beam quality and other characteristics of the laser, especially the laser light source can adapt to the requirements of micro manufacturing technology is getting more and more attention, and has become an international competition. It can be predicted that the laser manufacturing technology will certainly be the high and new technology which will be rapidly popularized in twenty-first Century because of its irreplaceable advantages. The characteristics of laser processing: 1, high power density, almost all processing materials; such as high-temperature alloy, quartz, diamond and rubber; 2, fast processing speed, small deformation and the tool is free of loss; 3, the processing of the workpiece through the transparent glass medium; 4, can gather into a very fine laser beam the fine process can be carried out.

But in this new Xinzheng is free to try new breakthrough, to create a piece of different laser field. Chang couple did not flinch in the new opportunities and new challenges, always meet a challenge with indomitable spirit, the best spirit, because we believe that the world is no more than one mountain, no feet longer than the road, we fought together, too, will be able to meet the The red sun rises in sky.. Chang Xinzhen have done. This is Chang Xin's pride, but also a model of the laser industry. For this reason, we believe that the perfect combination of "Xin Xin manufacturing" and "Teng Chang processing" will surely bring a better tomorrow for Wuhan Chang Xin Technology Development Co., ltd..

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