How to clean laser cutting machine parts?

Date: 2017-08-13

Metal laser cutting machine is now the main use of the mechanical processing equipment, laser cutting machine is a kind of effective tool for metal processing, has been widely welcomed by the market, because of the particularity of the laser cutting machine working environment, special materials, processing of different shapes and sheet metal processing requirements by different laser cutting machine to the processing, because of the particularity of the laser cutting machine of the working environment, each part of regular cleaning of laser cutting machine parts is very necessary, especially for precision parts, we should pay more attention to some slight performance errors will affect the entire laser cutting machine. Today we want to share with you about the cleaning method of laser cutting machine lens, laser cutting machine is mainly to focus lens and reflection effect, good lens can improve the laser cutting speed cutting machine and save auxiliary gas. So, taking into account the importance of lenses, we should be very careful when they are clear lenses. 

The cleaning steps are as follows: 1. Blow out the dust on the lens surface with the tiger ball. Never use the mouth to blow. We must keep the dryness of the lens.

2, blowing dirt, we have to use paper cotton swabs or cotton balls, and then with a specific acetone, propanol to clean, moderate intensity, too heavy will lead to lens scraping. 

3, after cleaning, we use cotton balls or cotton swabs with distilled water on the surface of the lens acetone and propanol residual liquid, fine depth cleaning.

 4, and finally drying steps. Matters needing attention: 1. When you remove the lens from the laser cutting machine, you can not touch the lens with your hands directly. You should bring gloves or tweezers to pick it out. 2, the lens should be placed in the characteristics of the lens paper, pay attention not to be placed on rough objects, so as not to damage. 3, do not touch the metal parts directly. Wuhan Changxin laser, laser experts around you, because the focus, so professional we have been working hard, just for you to have a better choice

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