The biggest advantage of fiber laser marking machine

Date: 2017-08-13

Changxin laser marking machine is not only the greatest advantage in terms of speed, but also has the following advantages of Changxin laser marking machine

 (1) glass fiber manufacturing low cost, mature technology and optical fiber can be miniaturized, the Rao of the intensive advantage;

(2) the glass fiber does not require strict crystal like as the phase matching of the incident pump, this is because the glass matrix Stark splitting caused by the inhomogeneous broadening caused by the wide absorption band with reason; 

(3) glass material has a very low volume area ratio, fast heat dissipation, low loss, high conversion efficiency and so on, the laser threshold is low;

 (4) the output laser wavelength more: This is due to the rare earth ion is very rich and rare earth ion species; 

(5) tunable: because of the rare earth ion and wide glass fiber fluorescence spectrum is wide. 

(6) because there is no optical lens in the resonator of fiber laser, it has the advantages of no regulation, no maintenance and high stability, which is incomparable to the traditional laser.

 (7) the optical fiber is exported so that the laser can be easily applied to all kinds of multidimensional and arbitrary space processing, so that the design of the mechanical system becomes very simple. 

(8) a tough working environment with high tolerance for dust, shock, shock, humidity, and temperature.

(9) without thermoelectric refrigeration and water cooling, only simple air cooling. 

(10) high electro-optical efficiency: comprehensive electro-optical efficiency of up to 20%, greatly saving power consumption at work, saving operating costs. 

(11) high power, commercially available fiber laser is six thousand watts. 

In the pursuit of Changxin laser marking machine marking speed, note the following points: 

1.; marking density in the same format, the same spot, the same depth, marking the higher density, the marking speed will be slower, the reason for the increased density direct hit subject area.

 2. mark format: because of the large surface, the new laser marking machine vibration mirror deflection area increased, so large format marking speed than small format marking speed is slow. 

3. marking depth: according to the needs, such as to deepen the depth of marking, parameters of fiber laser marking machine is adjusted, increasing the power of fiber laser marking machine, electric current and other factors, thus affecting the speed of marking in the process

4. laser spot size: the smaller the spot, the smaller the corresponding marking volume; therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking rate of the fiber laser marking machine.The biggest advantage of fiber laser marking machine

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