Selection and use of water - cooled equipment for laser marking machines

Date: 2017-08-14

First talk about the role of cooling water for the Q head. The Q head is a part of the laser processing. Its temperature at work is also a bit high. Generally an instant waterless work for the Q head or made a failure to burn the fault. But if the Q head for a long time without water work (usually within 3 seconds) the situation then Q head is also very easy to burn out. If the Q head burned down is also a loss of thousands of pieces. Followed by talk about the cooling water is not pure on the impact of laser marking machine. Cooling water is impure that cooling water application for a long time there are accumulation of things, may be protected properly lead to other things inside the tank. First talk about the cooling water accumulation, the general initiative of the laser marking machine cooling water to take distilled water or pure water, but many customers are to take mineral water. Mineral water He contains a variety of minerals in the application of a long time will gradually accumulate a substance. If this material is more in the refrigeration system because the water is going to go through the krypton lamp and laser stick and Q head. If the water quality is not good on the laser stick, krypton lamp, Q head caused a encirclement. When the krypton lamp and laser rods on the surface of the precipitation of the intensity of the laser must have a great impact. Because the laser is in the cavity inside the refraction through the laser rod and shot out. The more clean the cavity inside the light intensity is also better. But the quality of the laser is not only determined by the part of the cavity. Let's see if the accumulation of Q in the Q inside the plot will be more than the Q head caused a water shut. So Q head is very easy to burn out.

      Again on the role of water on the cavity under the explanation. Because the cavity inside the krypton lamp and laser stick, krypton lamp is through the 220V exchange of electricity to work. The krypton lamp is the light source of the laser marking machine. Its working temperature is quite high. If at work krypton lamp for a moment without cooling water to the case of refrigeration. It will happen krypton lamp explosion. Generally in the absence of water to prevent the situation that this situation is very serious. Basically, the cavity of things such as laser sticks, glass tube are blown to pieces. That would hurt thousands of pieces or even tens of thousands of pieces. So when the boot lights must pay attention to the laser marking machine in the circulating water in the water must be smooth in order to light. In the case of water to the cavity of the laser marking machine if the explosion that is generally caused by the aging of krypton lamp. Fried lights found in such a situation are generally minor. Because in the case of water fried lights for the impact of fried lights when there is a great buffer force is the case of water cooling when the fried lights produced by the power greatly reduced.

      Finally come to see if the cooling water inside the impurities such as small plastic, iron and so on. Because the pressure of the water tank is very large, and some manufacturers design the water tank when the inlet is designed in the water tank under the most, then once what impurities fall into the water tank is so likely to be pumped to the cavity and even Q head inside. Usually inside the cavity. If there are impurities rushed to the cavity. And the internal structure of the cavity is also very small. When there is impurity through it may be stuck in the cavity, resulting in a shortage of water supply may be water. Because some manufacturers design water protection when it is installed on the pump. So just pump work, then the laser power can be lit. And in the event of occurrence of impurity water shutoff and water protection is installed in the pump on the situation. This time it is likely to happen fried light situation. Then the fried light is the kind of situation in front of the same. So this cooling water must be clean and can not have impurities. Understand the role of water cooling on the laser marking machine, the laser marking machine application more comfortable.

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