The laser cutting machine makes cutting more convenient

Date: 2017-08-14

For the laser cutting machine, is already a few decades of history, the domestic are constantly studying new technologies, hoping to continue to update in the new technology. Laser cutting technology and equipment, is now being used by many sheet metal processing enterprises, and its processing efficiency, high precision machining, cutting cross-section of good quality, can be three-dimensional cutting processing and so on the advantages of occupation of sheet processing market, also began to replace Our traditional plasma cutting, water cutting, flame cutting, CNC punching technology.

     After these years of development, laser equipment can be based on the laser generator different points, the current market, laser cutting machine is divided into three, CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG solid laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine three, different Cutting machine has a different performance, today to come to tell you about CO2 laser cutting machine.

     The main advantages of this machine: power, usually between 2000-4000W, can be very easy to 25 mm full size stainless steel cutting, there are 4mm within the aluminum, 60mm within the acrylic board, wood material board, PVC Board and so on and the most important thing is cutting speed. CO2 laser output is continuous laser, so the cutting surface is very smooth. But for this high-quality machine, the price is certainly not the same, and some even to a very high price.

     From the market positioning, mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as some purely external processing of laser cutting enterprises, but because of its large maintenance of laser equipment consumption, the host power consumption and other reasons, making this year to solid laser processing cutting Machine market has been a great impact, the market is now a significant shrinking, it is estimated that in the future need to improve these shortcomings in order to make the laser to further development, and ultimately in the market has improved significantly.

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