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Release time: 2017 - 08 - 12
Multifunctional laser cutting machine adopts mixed CO2 laser tube, while cutting for production of acrylic light boxes and thin sheet metal and other advertising material, advertising industry by the user's favorite, and at the same time, the device can be used for packaging industry cutting knife template production, the use of a machine, economic benefits.
Merry Christmas, happy new year, Wuhan!
日期: 2017-08-12
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Merry Christmas, happy new year, Wuhan!

 Winter comes, thousands of lights Qi Ming Lighting to bring the light of the long winter nights, bring happiness and hope to people in winter; therefore, the staff in order to enrich the amateur cultural life, strengthen internal communication and exchanges, enhance the cohesion of enterprises and employees belonging to the enterprise sense coincides with Christmas approaching Wuhan Changxin technology especially to create a create new styles of the first "Christmas lighting ceremony" and "big Christmas dinner", people with beautiful piano sound gradually converge to a layer in the hall, everyone stop looking forward to the Christmas lights lit, with the host of the countdown "5, 4 3, 2, 1, people have to close your eyes, hands clasped, Xu wishes under the heart. Wuhan Changxin Zhang personally launched the Christmas lights, the lights lit up at 17:58 on time, is the Christmas lights, more like the star of hope, the stars, a symbol of Wuhan Chang Xinhui flourish in the star of hope.

 Peace in winter in the fast lane, so happy with you gently embrace so difficult to see you turn back, letting down silently walk, let particularly auspicious for your attention, so you always happy smile, Wuhan Changxin technology I wish you a merry christmas!

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