Return Terms DDR Ram memories from JOINWIN company all enjoy lifetime warranty.
That means you can send it back anytime if our ram has any problem or not working( not artificial damage).
We promise to repair or replace good one for you for free.
For the RMA ram here something to be concerned:
  • If you have RMA ram and want to send it back,
    please inform us in advance and tell us
    the quantity.
  • We will send you our office address for
    receiving RMA ram and the contact person.
  • In order to save shipping cost for you, please
    only send the rams in bulk and take away the
    stickers for safety.
  • For the RMA ram please only send by EMS,
    CAN NOT SEND BY DHL, that is hard to clear
    out from shenzhen custom.
  • If possible, leave messages on the paper and send
    with the goods, such as the quantity ; models;
    what’s the problem. Then we can know it better.
  • Please inform us before and after you send out
    the package, pass US the tracking number at the
    same time. Then we can track online.
  • We will inform you as soon as we got the RMA
    rams and forward it to our factory for repairing
  • Usually the rams will send back to you with
    your next order.
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