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Multifunctional laser cutting machine adopts mixed CO2 laser tube, while cutting for production of acrylic light boxes and thin sheet metal and other advertising material, advertising industry by the user's favorite, and at the same time, the device can be used for packaging industry cutting knife template production, the use of a machine, economic benefits.
Why can't computers export?
日期: 2017-08-13
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In view of the above situation, the new laser has the following solution, please check carefully.

 1, check the software parameter settings are normal (reset); 

 2, whether the first cutting machine according to the positioning starting output (re output);

 3, check whether the machine without reset (re corrected);

 4, check whether the serial port serial port settings and output consistent software (re set); 

 5, check whether the ground whether reliable, electrostatic interference data line (to ground);

 6, to replace the computer serial output test; 

 7, reinstall the software and re set test;

 8, formatted computer system disk to reinstall the software testing; 

 9, motherboard serial damage need repair or replacement.?

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