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Multifunctional laser cutting machine adopts mixed CO2 laser tube, while cutting for production of acrylic light boxes and thin sheet metal and other advertising material, advertising industry by the user's favorite, and at the same time, the device can be used for packaging industry cutting knife template production, the use of a machine, economic benefits.
What about the laser cutting machine?"
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Introduction: laser has applications in teaching, military and industry. Among them, laser cutting machine is one of its applications. Laser cutting machines are used in both metal and nonmetal cutting. The use of laser beams to melt the surface of materials.

 Laser has applications in teaching, military and industry. Among them, laser cutting machine is one of its applications. Laser cutting machines are used in both metal and nonmetal cutting. The use of laser beams to melt the surface of materials. This article will explain the principle of laser cutting machine.

Principle of laser cutting machine -- the energy released by laser cutting machine on the surface of metal plate by laser cutting machine. The metal plate is melted and blown away by the gas. Since the laser force is very concentrated, only a small amount of heat is passed to other parts of the sheet metal, resulting in little or no deformation. The laser can be used to cut the blanks of complex shapes very accurately, and the blanks need not be further treated.

The laser source uses a CO2 laser beam with a working power of 500~5000 watts. This power level is lower than the power required for many household electric heaters, because the laser beam is concentrated in very small areas due to the use of lenses and mirrors. The energy concentration is high enough to allow rapid local heating to melt the sheet metal.

Laser cutting equipment can be used to cut stainless steel below 16mm. In the laser beam, oxygen can be cut from 8 to 10mm stainless steel, but after oxygen cutting, a thin oxide film will be formed on the cutting surface. The maximum thickness of the cutting can be increased to 16mm, but the size of the cutting parts is larger.

As a high-tech laser technology, since its inception, has been to different social needs to develop laser products suitable for various industries, such as laser printers, laser beauty machine, laser marking machine, CNC laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine and other products, because the domestic laser industry started late, behind some developed countries in technology Research on a great degree of laser products present laser products of domestic manufacturers produced, some key parts such as laser tube, drive motor, vibrating mirror, a focusing mirror is used into the product. This has resulted in an increase in costs, but also increased consumer commitment.

In recent years, with the progress of domestic laser technology, the research and production of the whole machine and some spare parts have gradually moved closer to the advanced products from abroad.In some respects, even better than foreign products, coupled with the advantages of the grid, in the domestic market is still dominant. However, in some sophisticated machining and equipment, stability and patience, foreign advanced products still occupy an absolute advantage.

Laser cutting machine principle - the principle in the laser cutting machine, its main work is the laser tube, so we should understand the laser tube. It is clear that the importance of the laser tube in the laser device is determined by the most popular kind of laser tube. CO2 laser tube! The laser tube is made of a kind of hard glass, so it is a fragile and easily cracked substance. In order to understand the CO2 laser tube, it is necessary to understand the structure of the laser tube, like this kind of CO2 laser, all of which are the sleeve type structure, and the inside of which is a discharge tube. However, carbon dioxide laser discharge tube diameter ratio of laser tube itself is thicker, the thickness of the discharge tube diffraction reaction with spot size caused by a length is directly proportional to the length of the discharge tube with the output power can also form a proportion.

Laser cutting machine in the process of operation, the laser tube will greatly influence the heat, cutting machine to work properly, so need special domain chiller for cooling the laser tube, ensure the normal work in the state of constant temperature of laser cutting machine. 200W laser CW6200 can, cooling capacity of 5.5KW; 650W laser to use CW7800, refrigeration can reach 23KW.

Laser cutting machine cutting principle -- Characteristics and advantages of laser cutting: the advantages of high efficiency of transmission characteristics of the laser, laser cutting machine is generally equipped with multiple CNC worktable, the cutting process can achieve full cnc. When the utility model is operated, only the NC program is changed, and the cutting of the parts with different shapes can be applied, and the two-dimensional cutting can be realized, and the three-dimensional cutting can be realized.

Advantages II - speed, power 1200W laser cutting 2mm thick low carbon steel plate, cutting speed can reach 600cm / min; cutting 5mm thick polypropylene resin board, cutting speed can reach 1200cm / min. The material does not need to be clamped and fixed during laser cutting.

AdvantagesⅢ: cutting quality is good: laser cutting notch is narrow, cut seam parallel on both sides, and perpendicular to the surface, cutting parts size accuracy of up to   0.05mm. Two: cutting surface light

Two: cutting surface smooth and beautiful, the surface roughness is only a few microns, and even laser cutting can be used as the last process, without machining, parts can be used directly.

Three: material after laser cutting, the width of the heat affected zone is very small, cutting performance near the material is almost not affected, and the deformation of the workpiece is small, high precision cutting, kerf geometry, slit cross-section shape is rectangular rule. The comparison of laser cutting, oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting is shown in Table 1. The cutting material is 6.2mm thick low carbon steel plate.

The advantages of non contact laser cutting - IV cutting torch and workpiece without direct contact, there is no tool wear. When machining parts of different shapes, there is no need to change the "cutter", just changing the output parameters of the laser. The laser cutting process has low noise, small vibration and little pollution.

V - advantages can cut materials with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting, laser cutting type materials, including metal, nonmetal, metal and non metal based composite material, leather, wood and fiber etc..

Principle of laser cutting machine - cutting method i. vaporization cutting means the removal of the material being processed, mainly by vaporizing the material. In the vaporization cutting process, the workpiece table, while under the focus of laser beam, the temperature rises rapidly to the vaporization temperature, material vaporization, the formation of high-pressure steam jet outward at supersonic speed. At the same time, the cavity is formed in the laser action region, the laser beam is reflected repeatedly in the cavity, and the absorption of the laser is rapidly increased. In the process of high pressure steam injection, the melt in the slit is blown away from the kerf until the workpiece is cut off. In the material vaporization vaporization mainly depends on the way, so the power density required is very high, the general should reach 10 per square centimeter is eight times more than quadrel.

Vaporization of laser cutting is low burning material (such as wood, carbon and some plastic) and refractory materials (such as ceramics) often adopt the method. The method of vaporization cutting is also adopted when cutting materials with pulsed laser.

 II reaction fusion cutting in melting cutting. If the secondary air flow is not just blow away the melt in the cutting seam, but also can change the thermal reaction and the workpiece, make cutting process to increase the other heat sources, such as cutting cutting melting reaction.Normally, the gas that reacts with the workpiece is oxygen or a mixture of oxygen.

When the surface temperature of the workpiece reaches the ignition temperature, a strong combustion exothermic reaction will occur, which can greatly improve the laser cutting capacity. For low carbon steel and stainless steel, the heat release rate of combustion is 60%. For active metals such as titanium, the energy provided by combustion is about 90%.

As a result, the required laser power density is lower than the 1 / 20 of the vaporized cutting and 1 / 2 of the melting cut compared with the laser vaporization cutting and the conventional melting cutting. However, in reaction melting cutting, the combustion reaction will cause some chemical changes on the surface of the material, which will affect the performance of the workpiece.

 III fusion cutting during the laser cutting process, if a coaxial with the laser beam of the auxiliary blowing system, the cutting process in removal melt not only material vaporization and itself, mainly rely on the blowing effect of high speed auxiliary gas flow, the melt is continuously blown away from the slit, cutting process known as metal cutting. In the process of melting and cutting, the temperature of the workpiece no longer needs to be heated above the vaporization temperature, so the required laser power density can be greatly reduced.From the latent heat ratio of material melting and vaporization, the laser power required for melting cutting is only 1 / 10 of the vaporization cutting method.

 This method is mainly used for laser scribing IV: semiconductor materials; semiconductor material in the surface of the workpiece to draw a shallow groove by using laser beam with high power density, because the groove weakened the binding force of semiconductor materials. The method can approach Tongda machinery or vibration of the fracture. The quality of laser scribing is measured by the size of the surface debris and the heat affected zone.

V cold cutting, a new method of processing, is proposed with the advent of high power excimer lasers in the ultraviolet band in recent years. The basic principle is that the energy of the ultraviolet photon is similar to that of many organic materials, and the energetic bonds are used to pound the bond of organic material and break it. So as to achieve the purpose of cutting. This new technology has a broad application prospect and will be widely used in the electronics industry.

VI thermal stress cutting of brittle materials in the heating of the laser beam. The surface is easy to generate greater stress. In order to neat, fast oil by laser heating of the stress caused by fracture. The cutting process is called laser thermal stress cutting. The mechanism of thermal stress cutting is:A region of a brittle material heated by a laser beam causes a pronounced temperature gradient. When the surface temperature of the workpiece is high, the expansion occurs, but the lower inner temperature of the workpiece prevents expansion, resulting in tensile stress on the surface of the workpiece. The inner layer produces a radial extrusion stress. When the two stresses exceed the fracture ultimate strength of the workpiece itself. Cracks appear on the workpiece. Cause the workpiece to break along the crack. The rate of thermal stress cutting is m / s. The cutting method is suitable for cutting glass, ceramics and other materials.

Summary: laser cutting machine is the use of laser characteristics and focus of the lens to focus energy, the surface of the material melting or gasification of a cutting technology. The utility model has the advantages of good cutting quality, high speed, high cutting materials and high efficiency.



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