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Fully enclosed structure and exchanger make safe and environmental achieveable
Two functions in one machine makes it possible to cut both metal sheet and pipes. More affordable.
This CX-MFC3015 metal cutting Fiber Laser mechine is one of the most hot sale products of our company. Products Feature:High speedHigh efficiencyHigh performanceLow gas consumptionLow energy consumptionLow maintenance costs
Equipped with high speed galvometre and dynamic focus system, it breaks the limitation of working scale can do very fast mark and engrave within 400mm*400mm especially for hollowing on crafts
With convyor belt it can mark on moving items and can work with other processes as production line.
With imported CTI 3D engraving system and high galvometer,this marker can engrave deep as 3mm, fast as and more than 8000mm/s
RF laser tube ouput more stable beam and could be refilled. Once refilled can last 2 years.
It could be fixed or handhold, especially good at precise marking one huge machine or spares.
With mature technical supporting, it is easy to operate and more affordable in price.
Supporting different formats like DXF, CDR, DXT.With import galvometer and fiber laser souce it can finish equisite patterns in seconds with few cost.
Combined beam laser tube, reinforced machine body and gearwheel drive enable precise cutting. This all-in-one machine can cut 20mm plywood, 25mm acrylic, 2mm ms and 1mm ss.
Combined beam laser tube, reinforced machine body, servo motor and screw drive enable precise cutting. This all-in-one machine can cut 20mm plywood, 25mm acrylic, 2mm ms and 1mm ss.
Main camera and CCD is optional, they can recognize the outline and scars on leather and teciles then nest and cut automatically
Special function of two laser heads cutting from both sides to double efficiency and halved cost without burning edge. More environmental
60W-100W laser tube, double laser head and up-down working table are optional, which enbale it work on kinds of nonmetal materials
Could be equipped with more than one laser head to double the efficiency;each laser head could also workd seperately as needed
Optional auto feeder enable it cut materials in roll. Closed optical path makes the beam stale and precise. It can also cut from the place where stopped by power off.
Equipped with galvanometer import from Germany it can engrave at very high speed with few cost.The convyor belt could feeding automatically.
Desktop laser engraver is suitable to both home and office
"Stable welding performance.Wave form is discretionarily adjustable, which meets the demand of complicated and special welding process."
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