Fiber laser in some aspects of the application

Date: 2017-08-14

1  mark application pulse fiber laser with its excellent beam quality  reliability  longest maintenance-free time  the highest overall electro-optical conversion efficiency  pulse repetition frequency  minimum volume  without water cooling the most simple and most flexible use The lowest operating cost of the method makes it the only choice for high-speed, high-precision laser marking. A fiber laser marking system can consist of one or two fiber lasers with a power of 25W, one or two scanning heads for guiding light onto the workpiece, and an industrial computer that controls the scanning head. This design is more efficient than a 50W laser beam splitting on two scanning heads up to four times more. The maximum marking range of the system is 175mm * 295mm, the spot size is 35um. The absolute positioning accuracy in the full scale is +/- 100um. 100um working distance when the focus spot can be as small as 15um.

2  material handling applications Fiber laser material processing is based on the material to absorb laser energy parts of the heat treatment process is heated. 1um wavelength of laser light can easily be metal, plastic and ceramic materials to absorb.

3  material bending application Fiber laser molding or bending is a change in the metal plate or hard ceramic curvature of the technology. Concentrated heating and rapid self-chilling results in plastic deformation in the laser heating zone. Permanently changes the curvature of the target workpiece. The study found that micro-bending with laser treatment was much higher than that of other methods. At the same time, it was an ideal method for microelectronics manufacturing.

4  Laser cutting applications With the increasing power of fiber lasers fiber lasers in industrial cutting can be scale applications. Such as micro-cutting stainless steel arteries with fast chopped continuous fiber lasers. Due to its high beam quality, fiber lasers can achieve very small focusing diameters and the resulting small slit width is refreshing the standard for the medical device industry. As its band covers 1.3μm and 1.5μm two main communication window  Therefore, fiber lasers in the field of optical communications has an irreplaceable position  high-power double-clad fiber laser developed successfully in the field of laser processing market demand also Rapid expansion of the trend. The range and required performance of fiber lasers in the field of laser processing are as follows: Soldering and sintering ⊕ 50-500W .: Polymer and composite cutting: 200W-1kW; deactivation: 300W-1kW; fast printing and printing: 20W-1kW ; Metal quenching and coating: 2-20kW; glass and silicon cutting 500 W-2kW. In addition, with the development of UV fiber grating write and cladding pump technology, the output band in the purple, blue, green, red and near infrared light wavelength conversion fiber lasers can be used as a practical full curing light source and extensive Used in data storage, color display, medical fluorescence diagnosis. Fiber lasers with far infrared wavelengths are used in the fields of laser medical and bioengineering because of their compact structure, energy and wavelength tunability.

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