Methods of Improving the Processing Efficiency of Laser Cutting Equipment

Date: 2017-08-14

Methods of Improving the Processing Efficiency of Laser Cutting EquipmentWe are in the use of the corresponding laser cutting machine to work, for how to quickly improve the efficiency of the relevant aspects, which requires us to think about a lot of now for the level of technological progress, which for the relevant laser cutting technology But also for the great improvement, especially for the relevant metal laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine and other equipment is widely used, is a lot of business essential products.

How does the laser cutting machine improve the efficiency of the work?

First of all we have to understand is the use of laser equipment is mainly used to irradiate the surface of the steel beam and the release of energy to see the steel plate to melt and evaporate, because the energy can be a high degree of concentration can be a rapid local heating, so that the plate evaporates, Only a small amount of steel to reach other parts, basically will not cause any deformation, the use of laser can produce complex shape of the workpiece, the cutting of the workpiece does not need to be the next step can be used directly.

To know that the use of the relevant laser cutting machine to cut, then there are three major advantages: cutting quality, processing speed, clean, safe, pollution-free, in the production of laser cutting machine power is certain, so to Can improve the efficiency, you need to control the people.

Here for the new machine learning and manipulation to remind you about the operation process, the operator needs through the daily production, in the usual work process to strengthen the machine performance learning and skills proficiency. Work alternative exercises, spare time to strengthen the knowledge of all aspects of the machine learning, so that meet the machine can solve a small problem, there are big problems to know where the problem appears and to help solve the problem.

Note that you can choose to modify the CNC laser cutting machine program, because for the CNC laser cutting machine, it will make changes to its procedures, the use of straight-line mode, will be set to point in the arc, cut down the arc Section is very smooth and smooth, to ensure the quality of parts.

Finally, the optimization of the discharge plan is mainly through consultation with the workshop and the technical department, the use of two beams to share a common side of the method of cutting, which does not affect the cutting effect, so the efficiency is artificially improved The

Information for the Hongshan laser finishing release please specify laser cutting machine

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