The effect of laser cutting machine on the processing of paper products

Date: 2017-08-14

Laser cutting machine digital paper processing technology has many advantages. From a flexible point of view, the technique can process any shape that has been programmed; and the laser can cut in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly, without the help of any tools, for the possibility of processing a competitive personalized packaging or trademark. Accuracy is also one of the advantages of digital systems.

 End users can control short or medium production without having to create a large number of templates. Can react more quickly according to customer needs, because it does not need to make molds. The laser cutting machine eliminates the need for all tool applications such as rotating molds, punching and cutting tools.

 Optical cutting machine Digital paper products processing technology in the production efficiency and productivity is also pro-Lai, in the last minute can also modify the design program, and will not affect the entire production process. Simple and complex shapes all spend the same cost in the same time to complete.

 From the aesthetic point of view also get a positive answer. The pressureless cutting process of the laser cutting machine usually does not damage the material and, when tested against the sticker mark, it is found that the trademark printed by laser light is more stripped than the trademark made by rotating mold.The effect of laser cutting machine on the processing of paper products

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